The Skyrmionics/NanoΣky team is part of the Nano Engineering and Storage Technology (NEST) research group at the University of Manchester.  The NEST group specialises in nano fabrication for data storage and advanced sensors applications as well as data storage systems in general. It is housed in an integrated suite of staff offices, general-purpose laboratory space and class 100/1000 cleanrooms. The School of Computer Science is world class and has a long history of contributions to the birth of the digital era with the first stored program computer, the first floating point machine, the first transistor computer and the first computer to use virtual memory. NEST is a founding member of the Manchester Centre for Mesoscience and Nanotechnology, where the ground-breaking Nobel Prize winning work on Graphene by Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov was undertaken.

The Skyrmionics/NanoΣky team’s main scientific interests directly lie in the intersection between magnetism and topology with a focus on enabling novel applications for multifunctional magnetoelectronic devices. We focus on the rich Physics of Skyrmions and their technological applications (“Skyrmionics”), on Spin-Orbit Coupling effects (“Spin-orbitronics”) and in general in the field of Spintronics. Some of our contributions include the observation of skyrmion bubble states and topologically trivial states and predictions on the dynamics of skyrmionic configurations, the demonstration of the gigahertz eigenmode dynamics of skyrmion bubbles and their unexpectedly large inertia and the observation of nanoscale skyrmions at room temperature. You can find in this website more information on our exciting research, publications and collaborations as well as the latest news of what we are up to.