Post-doctoral positions:

NEW! (closing date 15/06/2021): We have an experimentalist position open for a Research Associate in Skyrmionics for Neuromorphic Computing for the ESPRC-funded project “Skyrmionics for Neuromorphic Technologies” (EP/V028189/1). The job ad is found here and it describes the overall goal and the aims of the project and the experimental tasks it entails. For information please e-mail.

PhD opportunities: For PhD positions in the area of Skyrmionics / Spintronics and Neuromorphic Computing, please e-mail.

We are always interested in excellent PhD applicants. There is a number of PhD projects available focusing on the study of skyrmions (“Skyrmionics”) and Spintronics with a focus on Neuromorphic Computing, with a number of experimental and computational approaches. Feel free to e-mail for more information on what is available.