Post-doctoral positions:

NEW! (closing date 3/12/2021): Interested in tackling next generation Brain-inspired computing using Physics? We have a computational position open for a Research Associate in Computational Skyrmionics for Neuromorphic Computing for the ESPRC-funded project “Skyrmionics for Neuromorphic Technologies” (EP/V028189/1). The job ad is found here and it describes the overall goal and the aims of the project and the computational tasks it entails. The principal aim of the project is to build next-generation neuromorphic components by exploring the potential of non-volatile skyrmionics/spintronics systems for energy-efficient brain-inspired operations (neuromorphic computing). The start date is 1st February 2022 (negotiable). It should be of interest to people with skills in computational magnetism, circuit modelling and simulations, spiking neural networks simulations, spintronics and hardware-based AI. For information please e-mail.

PhD opportunities: For PhD positions in the area of Skyrmionics / Spintronics and Neuromorphic Computing, please e-mail.

NEW! PhD project on Skyrmion-based Electronics. For details on the project and how to apply please check the University website here. If you have any questions, please e-mail.

We are always interested in excellent PhD applicants. There is a number of PhD projects available focusing on the study of skyrmions (“Skyrmionics”) and Spintronics with a focus on Neuromorphic Computing, with a number of experimental and computational approaches. Feel free to e-mail for more information on what is available.