Research Papers


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appeared online September 28, 2020, 2020 International Joint Conference on Neural Networks (IJCNN).

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appeared online July 30, 2020, Physical Review Applied  14, 014096 (2020).

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appeared online July 1, 2020, Physical Review Research  2, 033006  (2020).


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Skyrmion Logic System for Large-Scale Reversible Computation
Physical Review Applied, 12, 064053 (2019) – selected as Editors’ suggestion.

23.  P. E. Roy, Rubén M. Otxoa, C. Moutafis.
Controlled anisotropic dynamics of tightly bound skyrmions in a synthetic ferrimagnet due to skyrmion deformation mediated by induced uniaxial in-plane anisotropy
appeared online March 5, 2019, Physical Review B  99, 094405  (2019).


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appeared online March 30, 2017, Nano Letters  17 (4), pp 2703–2712  (2017).

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appeared online 18th January, (May issue) Nature Nanotechnology 11, 444–448 (2016).

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Report on imaging of individual skyrmions of MML systems made by different techniques
Deliverable D1.1 for Horizon 2020 MAGicSky (2016).

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Enhanced non-adiabaticity in vortex cores due to the emergent Hall effect
Physical Review Letters 117, 277203 (2016).


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