HMM 2019 @ Heraklion, Crete

Really excited to participate the 12th International Symposium on Hysteresis Modeling and Micromagnetics (HMM2019) in Crete, Greece from 19th-22nd of May, 2019. Yu Li, a PhD member of our team, presented a talk in the first session “Magnetic Solitons I”, with the title Controllable THz Bloch-point propagation in the switching process of magnetic skyrmions“. We also presented a poster from our recently published workCollective antiskyrmion-mediated phase transition and defect-induced melting in chiral magnetic films“.

IMG_8200 2.jpg

Talk on Skyrmions @ the Future Perspectives on Novel Magnetic Materials workshop

Excited to be at the the Future Perspectives on Novel Magnetic Materials workshop taking part from May 29-June 3, 2018 in beautiful Santorini, Greece. The workshop’s program focused on the development of high anisotropy magnetic materials, ii) non-collinear spin structures that exhibit skyrmion and anti-skyrmions and iii) magnetic materials that display topological transport and electronic properties. Happy to be invited to contribute a talk on Thursday the 31st of May, on recent numerical and experimental results on magnetic skyrmions.


Skyrmions Lecture – ISOE2017 – CARGÈSE, CORSICA

The Introduction to the skyrmions lecture is now online! It is available at the ISOE youtube channel.

Happy to have contributed lectures on the X-ray imaging of nanostructures and Magnetic Skyrmions. The lectures were part of the International School of Oxide Electronics 2017 in beautiful Cargèse, Corsica, with two weeks of lectures on topics such as multiferroics, oxide based devices for electronics and spintronics, domain walls,oxide interfaces, topogically insulating oxides.

“Leading papers” at the School of Science and Engineering

Excited to see our recent paper on the demonstration of nanoscale room temperature (R.T.) sub-100nm chiral skyrmions, with the Paul Scherrer Institut and CNRS/Thales, ( Nature Nanotechnology. 11, 444–448 (2016) ) selected as a leading paper. The selection highlights papers from across the University of Manchester’s Faculty of Science and Engineering. The highlight describes the discovery of room temperature individual nanoscale chiral skyrmions by means of high resolution X-ray imaging. The research was performed in the context of the MAGicSky EU research project and this observation can enable further fundamental studies on the very rich physics of skyrmions as well as serve as a basis for the development of skyrmion-based memory and logic devices.


Skyrmion-based magnetic memory concept.