Skyrmions at the Workshop on Gauge Theories and Gravity

Excited to participate at the Workshop on Gauge Theories and Gravity 1-3 July 2022 with such a diverse range of related Physics talks. Happy to contribute an invited talk on “Magnetic Skyrmions for Nanocomputing”. Inspired by earlier theoretical work from the community on conservation laws as suitable moments of a topological density and what these can tell us about the dynamics of topological and non-topological textures (e.g. N. Papanicolaou and T. N. Tomaras, Nuclear Physics B, 360, 425–462 (1991)) (the Landau-Lifshitz equation can be viewed as a U(1) gauge theory), our presentation aimed to provide a link from earlier theoretical results to modern results from the exciting field of Skyrmionics! Subsequently, we showed how by manipulating nanoscale skyrmionic spin textures embedded in thin-film devices with electrical currents, and exploiting their topology, may be used for neuromorphic computing and nanocomputing.