New Paper at Physical Review Research! #topological #singularities

Our recent theoretical/computational paper on “Tunable terahertz oscillation arising from Bloch-point dynamics in chiral magnets” has now been published at the Physical Review Research journal! Congratulations to the lead author, our PhD student Yu Li. The work arose from a collaboration between the University of Manchester with the Metal Physics and Technology group at the ETH Zürich. This work reveals that the formation/annihilation processes of skyrmions will give rise to an emergent electric field with a frequency in the THz regime. The electric signal is due to the ultra-fast Bloch-point propagation, and both the amplitude and frequency can be tuned by the manipulation of Bloch-point dynamics. Our study provides a concept of directly exploiting topological singularities that may be relevant for THz skyrmion-based electronic devices.

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